Planning for a Resilient Waterfront at Qualicum Beach (Webinar)

The Town of Qualicum Beach is working on a Waterfront Master Plan, which responds to the Town’s increasingly intense storm effects such as foreshore ecosystem degradation, wave overtopping, damage to the sea wall, and beach loss. The Waterfront Master Plan project includes two major components. The first involves a scientific assessment of the meteorological, oceanographic, and geomorphological factors that shape the Town’s waterfront. The findings of this inquiry will help inform the second phase, which will develop planning approaches to provide for a sustainable waterfront that is resilient to climate change impacts. This phase will emphasize public consultation and plan for a restored shoreline that sustains the ecological integrity of the foreshore, maintains the beach, protects infrastructure, and prepares the community for climate change and rising sea levels.

This webinar explores Qualicum Beach’s cross-disciplinary approach to coastal planning, which integrates diverse fields of expertise such as geomorphology, urban design, and coastal biology in an effort to develop a comprehensive plan for community sustainability.

Luke Sales, Town of Qualicum Beach, Director of Planning
John Readshaw, SNC-Lavalin Inc, Manager – Coastal Marine & Dredging, Water Interface Engineering

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