Natural Asset Infrastructure in British Columbia: Barriers and Opportunities

2023 – Municipal Natural Assets Initiative

In the face of climate change, support for Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) continues to grow. However, the extent to which its full potential can be realized depends on many issues under provincial jurisdiction.

With this in mind, what’s preventing the adoption of natural asset infrastructure in Canada, and what can be done about it?  Last year, the Province of British Columbia engaged the Municipal Natural Assets Initiative (MNAI) to answer that question. The Province sought to better understand the regulatory and policy issues for which they are responsible for that interfere with planning, designing, and developing NBS — specifically natural asset infrastructure — across BC, and how they can overcome them.

A new MNAI report provides the results of that work.  While its focus is on BC, MNAI used a framework that is useful across Canada and the report sheds light on universal challenges and solutions that other provinces and local governments can apply.

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