Integrating Natural Assets into Asset Management

2019 – Asset Management BC

Climate change is introducing new stresses on assets, decreasing lifespan and making it more difficult to deliver levels of service. Rather than continuing to attempt to do more with less, local governments have an opportunity to do things differently – and achieve better results – by including natural assets in asset management processes.

Natural assets support the delivery of core local government services, while doing so much more. The functions that nature provides to communities beyond core services, such as recreation, climate regulation, clean air, habitat, and biodiversity are invaluable to the overall health and well-being of a community. Including natural assets in asset management processes provides an integrated
approach to maintaining or enhancing the natural assets in a community.

This primer is for staff of local governments in BC and is intended to help them capitalize on the real and immediate benefits of managing their natural assets. It introduces an approach for including natural assets throughout the asset management process.

It provides an overview of the following topics:
• Foundational key concepts
• Why include natural assets in asset management
• Initial ideas on how to include natural assets throughout the Asset Management process

This primer is a companion document to Asset Management for Sustainable Service Delivery, A BC Framework and builds on the concepts and asset management process in the Framework.

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