HealthyPlan.City Heat Mapping Tool


2023 – HealthyDesign.City

A University of Toronto-based initiative, with support from the Public Health Agency of Canada, has developed a free map-based tool that provides an overview of environmental equity in more than 150 local governments in Canada. The HealthyPlan tool is a publicly-available resource that shows where vulnerable populations are experiencing below average environmental conditions. Created in 2022 and updated with new datasets in 2023, this free tool shows for the first time where vulnerable populations are exposed to unhealthy environments in cities across Canada.

Among other things, this tool allows users to identify heat islands, which are areas experiencing higher temperatures. These are typically neighbourhoods where infrastructure absorbs and re-emits the sun’s heat more than in areas with natural landscapes. The tool can be used by local governments to enhance targeted heat plans. View the tool at HealthyPlan.City. 

In 2023, the co-directors of HealthyPlan.City hosted a webinar explaining the tool, its data and functionalities.  View the HealthyPlan.City Launch Webinar here.

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