Guide and Workbook for Completing a Farm/Ranch Wildfire Plan

2019 – BC Agriculture & Food Climate Action Initiative

Creating a Farm / Ranch Wildfire Plan, or Wildfire Plan, is an essential step in preparing for a major wildfire event. A Wildfire Plan focuses on actions producers can take before, during, and after a wildfire to protect their operations and business. By using this Guide and the Workbook to complete a Wildfire Plan, producers are taking steps to protect themselves and to prepare for wildfire events where they may require assistance. This Guide and Workbook are suitable for use by all producer types – from livestock to mixed agriculture operations to vineyards, tree fruit and field crops. The Workbook also includes considerations for operations that have commercial production systems on-site and receive significant numbers of visitors to their facilities during wildfire season (wineries, agriculture operation gate sales, u-pick operations).

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