Farm Flood Readiness Toolkit

2022 – Climate Change Adaptation Program

This toolkit will help producers prepare for and recover from flooding. The toolkit includes eight fact sheets that provide information about topics ranging from determining flood risk level to protecting livestock. It also contains eight worksheets, as fillable PDFs, that can be used by producers to actively plan for specific operational needs.

Using the toolkit will help producers:

  • Understand potential flood risk for their operation
  • Identify areas and infrastructure on their farms that are most vulnerable to floods
  • Increase their familiarity with how governments communicate and respond to flood events
  • Understand what measures they can take to defend their farms against flooding

The supplementary regional snapshots provide regionally specific flood-preparedness information and contacts.

Two videos were also created as a part of this project. The first, ‘Prepare for Flooding’ provides an introduction and overview of the Farm Flood Readiness Toolkit. The second, “Protect Your Farm Assets From Flooding’ will walk through the process for planning your farm/ranch asset protection using the Farm Flood Readiness Toolkit.

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