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Climate Literacy Course: Navigating Climate Change Conversation

2014 — University of British Columbia

Climate Literacy Course: Navigating Climate Change Conversation

2013 – University of British Columbia

Here is a set of lecture videos from a free online course, Climate Literacy: Navigating Climate Change Conversations, offered in 2013 by the University of British Columbia. The videos canvass the scientific and socio-political dimensions of climate change. They introduce the basics of the climate system, models and predictions, human and natural impacts, mitigative and adaptive responses, and the evolution of climate policy.

This course formed the basis of the book Understanding Climate Change: Science, Policy, and Practice, available at the University of Toronto Press.

There are 10 modules, each offering several videos:

  • Module 1: Climate in the Public Sphere
  • Module 2: Introduction to the Climate System
  • Module 3: Earth’s Energy Budget
  • Module 4: The Carbon Cycle
  • Module 5: Climate Models
  • Module 6: Future Climate
  • Module 7: Climate Change Impacts
  • Module 8: Climate Change Mitigation
  • Module 9: Climate Change Adaptation
  • Module 10: Taking Action: Tools for Adaptation and Mitigation

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