BOMA Resilience Brief

2018 – BOMA Canada

The BOMA Canada Resilience Brief is an important tool to help building owners and managers begin to consider resilience and the potential risks imposed by extreme weather events. Following the disastrous events of the 2016 Fort McMurray wildfires and the 2018 New Brunswick and Toronto floods, industry visionaries, led by BOMA Canada, took a bold initiative and published the first Resilience Brief. This valuable publication was widely embraced by the commercial real estate industry across Canada. Today, more than ever, building owners and managers need to be prepared for extreme weather events.

The latest version of BOMA Canada’s Resilience Brief has been released with the most up to date knowledge of resilience. From floods to wildfires, building owners and managers can take steps to prepare for extreme weather events. Consulting this brief will assist readers to understand better the risk imposed and the possible adaptation strategies to protect their assets and occupants.

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