BC First Nations Climate Strategy and Action Plan

2022 – First Nations Leadership Council

In recognition of the urgency and the need for immediate climate action, First Nations leadership in BC mandated the First Nations Leadership Council to develop a First Nations-led Climate Strategy and Action Plan.

The Strategy presents a vision, guiding principles, and priorities for climate action articulated by leadership and community members from across the province, and is grounded in a First Nations climate lens. The Strategy focuses on ensuring that First Nations’ inherent title, rights and treaty rights are recognized and affirmed in climate change planning and response as an essential building block for climate action. Four priority pathways guide the Strategy: Inherent Title and Rights; Capacity and Leadership; Land and Water Protection; and Climate Response and Preparedness.

The Strategy contains 27 themes, 63 objectives, and 143 strategic actions, plus a series of recommendations for implementation. The Strategy is accompanied by an Executive Summary and 20 Urgent Calls for Climate Action which draw on overlapping priority areas that are immediate concerns for First Nations across the province.

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