Adapting to Climate Change in the San Jose Watershed


2008 and 2010 – City of Prince George

This report provides insights into how climate change will affect the rivers and forests in the San Jose Watershed in the Cariboo region of British Columbia over the next 100 years, and how communities can use this information to plan for the future. The study focused on how climate will affect two interacting aspects of the environment: forests and water. Changes in temperature, snowfall and rainfall will influence the amount of water available in rivers and creeks in the San Jose Watershed, with subsequent effects on forest species composition and distribution, timber volume, timber value, forest fire frequency and area burned. These shifts in the forest will cause changes in peak river flows, river flow volumes and seasonal availability of water. The report makes a number of helpful findings for future management, and flags the need for more information on water use, water flows and groundwater.

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Keywords: British ColumbiaCanadaCommunity adaptation planning

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