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November 28, 2022
11:30am – 1:00pm

Presenters: Stacey O’Sullivan and Kari Tyler (PCIC), Dan Sandink (Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction)

Climate variability and change have wide-ranging impacts on Canada’s built environment. As building practitioners across Canada grapple with the impacts of climate change, the newly launched Buildings Sector Module on ClimateData.ca aims to provide building experts with access to reliable and sector-relevant climate information to help inform adaptation action in the sector. ClimateData.ca is a collaborative, Government of Canada-led initiative that provides climate data openly and freely to all Canadians.

In this introductory webinar, you will learn about core climate change science concepts and receive an introduction to and overview of both ClimateData.ca and the new Buildings Sector Module contents. The Module includes case studies on the real-world use of climate data to inform decision-making, and we will have case study representatives on-hand for an expert panel discussion on their experiences using climate data in adaptation decision-making contexts.

Feel free to explore both ClimateData.ca and the Buildings Module ahead of time, and come with your questions!

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Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium