BC communities are leaders of climate change resilience

Communities around British Columbia are recognizing the future impacts of climate change and taking important steps to prepare for these changes. Communities can learn from their peers by examining and understanding common barriers as well as what has been successful in increasing resilience. Communities have unique contexts and have taken different approaches to adaptation. Some have pursued their own initiatives independently, while others partnered with external organizations as part of a broader initiative.

To learn more and to see what frameworks and decision-support tools these communities are using, you can explore these community profiles.

City of Prince George

Prince George prepares for climate extremes

The City of Prince George is preparing for a changing climate through initiatives such as a flood risk assessment, research on road design and maintenance, and examining sensitive ecosystems.

District of Saanich

Saanich wins award for climate plan

In January 2020, the District of Saanich adopted their award-winning 2020 Climate Plan: 100% Renewable and Resilient Saanich. The plan builds upon their 2010 Climate Action Plan and 2011 climate change adaptation plan.

Xat’sūll First Nation

Xat’sūll held planning workshops to identify potential climate change impacts

Xat’sūll First Nation has taken a strategic look climate change impacts, vulnerabilities and opportunities — a step that meshes with its comprehensive community planning process.

Northeast Climate Resilience Network

Communities of Northeast B.C are working together to prepare for climate change

Fraser Basin Council is working with a peer network of communities in Northeast British Columbia to understand the associated risks and vulnerabilities of a changing climate, collaboratively address climate risks at a regional and community scale, and increase public awareness of the impacts of a changing climate.