Human activity is driving
a changing climate

Due to rising greenhouse gas emissions and the resulting changing climate, communities in BC are experiencing shifting and extreme temperature and precipitation patterns. We will be seeing a greater frequency of intense weather events (storms, heavy precipitation, flood and drought), more days of extreme heat, and changes to our natural ecological systems. Although these are significant challenges, we have an opportunity to minimize the impacts by taking action now to prepare for the changes. In addressing these challenges, we also have the chance to better design our communities and sectors to support equity, environmental health and resilience. We can better integrate Low Carbon Resilience approaches, which brings together mitigation and adaptation strategies in planning, policy and implementation. Low carbon resilience gives us multiple co-benefits for public health, biodiversity and quality of life.

In beginning your journey to prepare for climate change, you can start by better understanding the projected local impacts for your community and region. There are many resources available on our website to help you get started.


Adapting our plans and practices to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and strengthen resilience can also have great co-benefits for health, equity, biodiversity and quality of life.

Communities across BC are taking action on climate change

Across BC, Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities are building resilience to climate change

Adaptation Resources

Resources are available on a range of topics

There are many helpful resources available to guide practitioners and decision-makers in Indigenous governments and organizations, local governments, the public sector, and industries through the climate adaptation planning process and assist them in making their communities more resilient to the impacts of a changing climate.

Start your research with a category or keyword search of the ReTooling library database. Or click on an icon for a deeper dive into our key topics and links to tools and resources relevant to that particular area of interest.

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About ReTooling for Climate Change

The ReTooling for Climate Change website is a project of the Fraser Basin Council to support communities, the public sector and the private sector in BC in preparing for climate change. This website is a component of our BC Regional Adaptation Collaborative program, which is supported by Natural Resources Canada and the BC Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy.

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